web hosting jargon
Pre-Sales FAQ


A website address starts with http:// or https:// for example, http://www.vuox.com is a website address.

domain name extension

In the domain "company.net", ".net" is the domain name extension.

It is only convenient to call it an extension because it looks like a file(name) extension e.g. In "picture.gif", the extension is ".gif"

More accurately, it is a top level domain (TLD)


"PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor", otherwise known as "PHP", is designed as a server side programming language for generating dynamic web pages.

PHP has now become one of the most popular choice for web site programming.

administrative email

Every domain has an administrative email address attached to it (together with other information)

This is an important information as far as contacts are concern for the domain owner.

All administrative details are forwarded to this email so that the admin can take actions to manage the domain settings.

One important need for this email is for domain transfer.

domain parking

Most websites can be accessed through one domain only. Domain parking is a feature that allows you to configure your web hosting such that users can access the same website through many different domains.

One of the uses is to capture all possible misspellings of the domain name and still direct the users to your site, instead of losing your customers.


Post Office Protocol 3 is a standard method for receiving emails from a server, which we also use with our VUOX servers.


The total amount of data, measured in bytes, that can be transferred during a particular period.

If bandwidth is 5GB per month, total bytes transferable per month is 5*1024*1024 kilobytes (kb) per month. If a web page is 20kb, just divide the two values to find how many such pages can you display to your visitors.

domain registrar

The person or company who take steps to register a domain for use, for you, usually for an annual fee.

search engine

Search engines maintain a massive list of website information for their users to search information from.

Search engines typically look for new or updated websites to update their own database.

To get a confirmed listing, you can pay a search engine company to list your website.


Blog is short form for "web log", weblog

Blog is a type of website. As the name suggests, it is actually a log (records of recounts) placed on the web.

It has now become commonly seen as an online journal or diary.

domain transfer

The process of transferring the domain from one registrar to another.


A software that enables a computer system to share files within a network.

A computer system that is set up for sharing files across the internet typically demands a lot of resources, therefore specialized hardware, also conveniently known as a server is used.


Refers to the program that you use to surf the internet. As known as an Internet browser.

Internet Explorer, Firefox, Navigator, Opera are different common internet browsers.


A package of online softwares that comes with our web hosting plans.

These softwares are the most popular picks in the online community designed to enhance the capabilities of your website without in-depth knowledge on the webmaster‘s part.


Singapore Network Information Center is the regulatory authority for issuing .sg Singapore domains.


Used as "catch-all email". A catch-all email account acts like a master email account which receives all incoming emails that do not belong to any other email accounts that are already set up for use.


The same thing as it‘s literal meaning: a common public place for discussions. Except that it is now placed online


Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is the standard for sending out emails from your computer.


The Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) for the domain singnet.com.sg is "sg" which is the country code for Singapore.

Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs) refers to domains specific to a country or territory.


File Transfer Protocol is a method to transfer files over the internet to your web server. The transfer is usually achieved with the help of a FTP client which provides the intuitive user interface for this otherwise technical task.

Most internet browsers can be used as an FTP client by entering the FTP URL in the address bar.

spam assassin

A software that works with the email server to filter out email which are suspected to be spam.

Spam is almost impossible to curb. The only way is to configure email filters such as spam assassin to work for you.


For our purposes, client is the computer you use to access the internet, also known as the client computer.

More generally, client is the computer program that request information from the server.


The Top Level Domain (TLD) for the domain vuox.com is "com".

Global Top Level Domains (gTLDs) simply refers to TLDs that do not belong to any specific country or territory, thus global.

sub domain

A sub domain acts like a domain, is a domain and belongs to a part of a higher level domain.

For example, news.google.com is a sub domain of google.com. Here, the sub domain name is news.

There are no fixed usage for sub domains. Although it is meant to departmentalize a website, actual usage include redirecting to a longer URL, separating the website for different webmasters etc.


A leading web hosting control panel software used to manage a web hosting account through any internet browser


A massive public network of machines consisting of server computers and client computers sending data to each other.


Total time elapsed since the server last restarted.

data center

Data centers provide the high speed connection that web servers need to transfer data to multiple users at the same time.

Being a physical location, the data center also provides physical security to the servers.

There are also technicians on 24/7 shifts to oversee the maintenance of the servers.

internet marketing

Internet marketing is marketing using online tools and programs such as search engines, banner ads, opt-in emails etc.

It is common for new users to mistake web hosting as a marketing effort.

In actual fact, you need to market the website itself in order to gain publicity.

For marketing websites, internet marketing is most commonly adopted


Uniform Resource Locator. A website address is a type of URL.

A URL is made up of a combination of strings (word and code) which allows a user to locate data or resources on a network.

Common to web hosting, a URL for transferring files to the server may look like this: ftp://username:password@myserver.com

disk space

Amount of files that can be save in to the your web hosting account is determined by the server disk space allocated to you.


Operating System for computer systems. It is also a popular choice in the industry for web servers.

web host

A person or company that manages the operation of a web server.


To be almost 100% technical, a domain has the same meaning as its English meaning: it is a set.

For example, in the "sg" set (a ccTLD), there are the "com", "org" and "net" sets which make up the ".com.sg", ".org.sg" and ".net.sg" sets respectively.

Also, in "vuox.com", "vuox" is a set (second level domain) contained in the "com" set (top level domain) which can in turn have other sets (third level domain) in it and so on.

But these sets or domains do not exist for nothing. They actually represent IP addresses of web servers all over the world so that you can use them to get to the right server and thus browse the Internet.


One of the popular choices for online database. It is adopted widely as it works very well with PHP.

Database is required for many websites with dynamic content.

web hosting

Refers to the services that a web host provides. These services aim to reduce the overheads of maintaining a website by taking over the operations from the website owner.

Overall, the services revolves around the maintenance of a web server.

domain add-on

Most web hosting accounts only allow users to host one website each. Domain add-on is a feature that allows you to host as many websites as domains you have where each of these websites is accessed through respective domains.


Outlook Express or Microsoft Outlook.

These are email clients which connects to the email server to download email data into your own computers.


An online software that connects to your email server and provides email management features.

As an online software, you can access it anywhere with an internet browser.

Actual circumstances for use is when you do not have personal email client like Outlook Express with you.

domain name

"vuox" in "http://www.vuox.com/jargon.php" is the domain name.


Actually, this has nothing to do with web hosting. But we are using it for payments. So here it is:

PayPal is a popular online payment gateway recognized worldwide by banks.

For more information, read our billing knowledge base


A set of web pages designed to provide the user with on-demand information.

Websites integrate with various other online softwares to provide more user functionality and dynamic content.

For businesses, a website should be thought of as a global office/storefront to serve the needs of its customer.

Websites typically require active marketing efforts for publicity.