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Sign-Up/Order Procedure Overview

Our order process consists of 5 steps. You may track your progress at the left-hand area during the order process.

The Steps:

  1. Select Domain Choose a domain name to use with your hosting account. You may use an existing domain that you already own, transfer the domain to us for management, or register a new domain name (recommended).
  2. Configure Hosting Simply select your hosting plan and other options if any.
  3. Client Details As we may issue invoices, important notices and account details to you, we need some of your information to help us get you. Your email address is of utmost importance. Please double check that.
  4. Payment Option here you will be able to choose the payment channel by clicking on the respective image. We recommend PayPal for online transaction with credit/debit card.
  5. Complete At this stage, your order would have been saved in our database for processing. The transaction status, whether it is completed, pending or incomplete, will be displayed.

Leave the rest to us, and we will email the account details to you

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