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What is PayPal - and why?

PayPal did not pay me to write this article, but I would like to express my personal opinion about PayPal:

Without PayPal, eBay would not have survived better. If PayPal is not famous enough, eBay should be. eBay Inc. acquired PayPal in October 2002 anyway.

PayPal emerged as the leading Online Payment Processor through these years by processing billions of transaction for both eBay and non eBay users.

The winning strategy of PayPal is Integrity. PayPal has demonstrated it's ability to account for transactions easily totalling over billions of dollars without fault. With Verisign, leading online security partner, as the moderator, PayPal excercises security measures with utmost care.

As a globally recognised company, it has ties with many major banks in countries all over the world. There is no local bank here in Singapore which has never heard of PayPal, and you can ask them anything about PayPal. They would probably agree that PayPal is one of the most trusted Online Payment Processor around.

These are the reasons why we feel safe doing business with them. We hope you do too. Visit www.paypal.com in person.

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