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Transfering Existing Domain

Do you currently have a website?

Do you currently have email adresses that looks like this staff@my-company.com?

If the answer is yes, to any of these, then you probably own a domain name.

To transfer an existing domain to us for management, you will need to have access to the administrative email associated with the your domain name. At least, you will need to have the contact of the person accessing the administrative email.

What happens for transfers is that we will send a confirmation email to the administrative contact. You will need to confirm by reponding to the email via a link within it. Without access to the administrative email address, you cannot authorize the transfer, and it will fail.

If you really do not have access to it. You will need to contact the people who register the domain for you and alerting them about your decision

If you choose this option during sign up, we will initiate the transfer and wait for your administrative confirmation before the transfer succeeds.

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