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Server defaults to MySQL 5 and PHP 5

In order to keep VUOX servers as up to date as possible, our administrative team will begin to reconfigure the servers for new server technologies and versions.

After May 17, 2008 MYSQL 5 will be the default version of MYSQL, and PHP 5 will be the default version of PHP. These newest versions of MYSQL and PHP have already been tested and are currently installed on our newest servers. This update has caused no new issues to those servers and the clients on those servers.

PHP 5 is the default version to parse documents ending with the following extensions:

  • .php
  • .phps
  • .phtml
  • .php5

This change will occur on May 17, 2008.

Most applications should run perfectly fine under MYSQL 5 as well as PHP5, however some of our clients may find that their applications do not work properly and require MYSQL 4 or PHP 4. It is recommended that you check with your application vendors to ensure that the application is compatible with version 5, and update your software if necessary.

If no updates are available for the software you are using, you will be able to continue using PHP 4 by making the following settings:

On the day of the change (May 17, 2008), place the following commands into a file named '.htaccess' under the root directory for the application which requires PHP version 4.

Action application/x-httpd-php4 /cgi-sys/php4
AddType application/x-httpd-php4 .php

You may also change the version of PHP inside your cPanel. You may do this by first logging into your cPanel account. Then navigate to the link named "PHP Configuration". Once there, there will be a drop down menu at the top that will allow you to change the default version of PHP.

As always, you can contact our Support Division via our helpesk if you have any questions or issues on the day of this change, or even before this change occurs.

Thank You

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